Will trotting gaited horses make them not gait

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Will trotting gaited horses make them not gait Empty Will trotting gaited horses make them not gait

Post by ChiefandScout10 on Mon Feb 17, 2014 11:47 pm

I need some reassurance to know that my horses didn't get screwed up and will never gait now because of what my ex horse trainer did. Nothing really bad - the trainer had never worked with a gaited horses before, but he did some research and found that for gaited horses MFT mostly since that is the breed I have...said that a foxtrot is a collected trot and that you have to build muscle for them to foxtrot. So i went with it, now Chief my 6 yr old trot and or paces and so does my youngest MFT (4 yr old) - I don't like for him to pace so we discouraged it, we preferred him to trot. Now for a gaited horse his trot is pretty smooth, I don't even have to post to it. But I do want them to foxtrot eventually. So am I screwing them up by having the trot? I know hill will do good for getting a foxtrot but we don't have hills where I am. I do have ground poles. HELP???!!! Any suggestions?


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