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Post by gypsyice on Thu Sep 02, 2010 7:29 pm

I was recently told that the least minimum width of a saddle pad should be 3/4 inch. I have a saddle I was told fit the horse the best a saddle could fit her and to use a 1/2 inch wool pad. Now a reputable team of gaited trainers who also have been working with some of the most "renowned" saddle experts say you need that much of a thickness to protect the horses back from the bars. Oh, I wish everyone was on the same page!


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Post by Meleta B on Fri Sep 03, 2010 12:20 pm

I understand your frustration! I personally prefer using 1/2" wool next to the horse if your saddle is fitting properly. I have used 3/4" thickness before when the horse is growing or smaller framed to help them fill-in where their body does not. Sometimes with a larger rider or a rider that has poor balance, I may use a thicker pad but never more than 3/4" when a saddle fits fairly well.

A pad is to help with keeping the fleece clean on your saddle. It is not really a cushion as many people think it is. A well made pad can help distribute the weight properly on your horse's back and a poor designed pad can actually increase pressure from a poor fitting saddle! Pad choice is important and can help enhance fit, but too thick of a pad, even on a quality made product, can take away from a good fitting saddle.

Meleta B

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