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deworming question Empty deworming question

Post by ClaudiaQ on Thu Apr 08, 2010 4:18 pm

Yet another deworming question :-)

I have always dewormed our horses every 8 weeks. With all the articles talking about resistance - I went to approx 12 weeks.

After this deworming - all horse where passing worms. Should I deworm again soon?-- or wait till July 1st or so-- 12 weeks from now

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deworming question Empty Deworming

Post by Dr. Daniel Pike on Fri Apr 23, 2010 3:49 pm


Parasite resistance has become a very big problem and the best treatment plan is based on deworming horses that are "shedders"or actually passing the eggs in the fecal material. One major problem with this system is that it is highly variable between regions of the country, based on what veterinarians in that area are seeing. For example, in the southeast, I recommend starting a deworming program in the early fall and ending in the spring. I usually don't recommend doing any parasite control in the summer here in Georgia (there are a few exceptions).

The cornerstone to a proper deworming program is knowing who needs to be dewormed. Having your veterinarian perfomring routine
Fecal egg counts is the most efficient manner. I usally recommend 2-3 fecal tests during the fall to spring period. Depending on the parasite loads that your horses have, you may need to deworm more often, or even less often.

I have been very surprised of the varying paasite loads that I have seen since peforming these fecal egg counts. Although it is a little more hassle, adhering to a solid strategic deworming program can be less frustrating in the long if you start it, and stick to it, you can help stay abreast of the parasite problem. Good luck!!

Daniel R Pike DVM
Dr. Daniel Pike
Dr. Daniel Pike

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