Kicking out at owner when at play- QUESTION AND RESPONSE

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Kicking out at owner when at play- QUESTION AND RESPONSE

Post by Cowboy Dressage on Thu Mar 25, 2010 2:22 pm

I'm wondering if you can tell me if something is right. I am working with a trainer with my horse. She says that my horse has issues with me because when she bucks in the field when she's playing that she points her legs at me when she bucks. That just sounds rediculous to me. Is there any truth to that?


Horses have a very distinct pecking order with in a herd, even a herd of two. There is a leader or "alfa" and each horse in the herd must find it's place. They do this by control of movement. An "alfa" will tell another "do not come in my space, stay away." There are all sorts of behavior that a horse displays when sending these messages. If you are approaching your horse and he bucks and kicks out at you, he is sending you a message and that is "stay away." He is the "alfa" in your should be the other way around. I suggest you study equine behavior, there are many good books and videos out on the market. Some of the best are by Dr. Robert M. Miller. You can not fix this if you don't understand it.

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