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Susan Brown - Some trainers are better at training horses, some prefer teaching students. Susan excels at both. Long on patience, she has a knack for explaining concepts in a way the student can easily understand. Teaching progresses at the speed best suited for the clients, whether that be a person, animal, or both. Safety and control are the main focus. Susan is dedicated to helping both horses and people to improve communication, understanding and comfort in order to be successful at whatever pursuits they have with their horse. Find out more about Susan here: www.ridewithpleasure.com

Caroline Siegel-Hoffman - Focusing on the importance of the partnership between horse and rider is paramount for Caroline. She has trained several pleasure horses that compete successfully at the local and state level. She has gained national recognition working with Nicole Carswell as clinician and instructor. Many of her students compete on the national and state levels successfully. Caroline continues to nurture each horse and rider team helping them to achieve goals great and small. It is her mission to give everyone who comes through the barn doors a sense of freedom and self confidence that can only be achieved through equitation skill and a Tennessee Walking horse. Learn more at www.findyourgait.com

Eric Adams - As the owner of one of the most successful horse brokering facilities in the United States, Eric Adams and his staff train literally hundreds of horses a year. Great gait and attitude are top priorities and Eric and his staff have seen and dealt with seemingly one of every kind of gait and horse. His life with horses and his trouble-shooting experience through his business make him an excellent resource for problem solving. Visit him here: www.adamshorseandmuleco.com.

Jennie and Nathanael Jackson- The owner/trainers of world-renowned TWH Stallion Champagne Watchout, Jennie and Nathanael Jackson are no strangers to competion, training and controversy. Vocal supporters of horses with sound bodies and sound minds as well as fabulous gaits, Jennie and Nathanael will bring a wealth of information to this board. Eventually we will offer DVD's for sale so you can see first hand how the Jackson's get and maintain that famous gait. Until then, they are available here to take your questions. See more about them here: www.walkinonranch.com

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