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Post by sheilazav on Sat Mar 06, 2010 8:14 am

Hi! I have a TWH gelding who gaits for everyone but me! He is naturally nervous and high-energy with everyone except me. I have two people at my barn plus my farrier that I've let ride him. My farrier and one of the girls have TWHs and the other girl is a very experienced rider. Prowler gaited like a fool, with the most beautiful head-nodding running walk. I ride him and he's just so calm and relaxed and lazy. Can't seem to get his energy up enough for anything more than a dog walk.

When I've taken him on trails, he walks very calmly and slowly away from the barn. His energy is up when we return (not trying to run or pull away, just higher energy) and I feel sure I could get him to gait but don't want him rushing home. Any ideas on how to get his energy up when I ride?

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Post by Chelsie Kallestad on Wed Apr 28, 2010 7:58 pm

It sounds as though your horse knows what he can get away with when you are on him and he is comfortable with you. That is great that he is calm and feels confident with you but you do need him to respect you when you tell him to go forward. You need to use clear signals or cues. Start by bring up your energy and squeezing with your legs (never kick a horse) if he does not listen to that then take a crop and tap him on the butt until he goes forward faster then release your legs. Even if he just went a little faster take your legs off. Don't worry about the proper gait yet, just get him moving forward. Later you can add leg and collect him up and get a good gait but you need forward motion and impulsion first. Keep doing those clear signals and with repetition your horse will be moving forward off your leg and you will be able to start working on getting your gaits.

Before you tap your horse on the butt with the stick though make sure your horse is ok with you holding it and rubbing it all over him on the ground and in the saddle. Safety first.

Hope this helps,
Chelsie Kallestad
Chelsie Kallestad
Chelsie Kallestad

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