squaring off front hooves

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squaring off front hooves Empty squaring off front hooves

Post by Admin on Sun Feb 21, 2010 11:47 am

Hi Don. I have a 9 year old gelding that has very straight front pasterns. I think that's called something in particular but I can't remember what. Anyway he really squares off his front hooves and for a big boy (16 hh) he seems to have little hooves for as big as he is because he shaves them off when he walks. Should I be doing something extra for him? Boots? He is barefoot right now. The farrier where we board says his hooves are soft but he doesn't seem bothered by rough ground when we ride.


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squaring off front hooves Empty Re: squaring off front hooves

Post by Don Cloutier on Sun Feb 21, 2010 11:51 am

Very straight front pasterns are more commonly referred to as short pasterns. Your horse’s short pasterns are the cause of the squaring off of his hooves. This all has to do with correct angle. The correct angle should be in the 45- to 55- degree world. It sounds as if your big boy is at a rather steep angle (55 degree plus) which will cause him to break over way too fast and of course the horse will tend to drag there hoof along the ground. I do not have the horse in front of me, but I have seen this problem before. Consult with your farrier and your vet. Your vet understands confirmation every bit as well as the best farrier, if they can work together on this issue the problem can be solved.
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